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2020-04-17    Alumni Service Center

The 17th Distinguished Alumni of NCU in 2020 [Announcement of Selection]

The 17th Distinguished Alumni Selection Conference of NCU was held in the afternoon of 17, April, 1991 (Friday). The alumni participating in the selection are all talents of NCU. They are outstanding and have much contribution to society. They bring honor to the NCU, become the paragon for students, and also won the recognition and nomination from the teacher.


Four distinguished alumni were elected this year. The names in order of age are as follows:

◆Alumnus Chang, Chih-Nien from Department of Physics

◆Alumnus Lee, Der-Horng from Department of Civil Engineering

◆Alumnus Yeh,Ta-Hsun from Department of Electrical Engineering

◆Alumnus Wang, Brad from Department of Mechanical Engineering

~Congratulations to the four Alumnus for being elected~


Activity consultation: Miss Luo, Ji Qing from Alumni Service Center of Office of Secretariat

Phone number: (03) 4227151ext.57042






Time 2020-04-17 16:30 至 2020-05-31 17:00