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Alumni Service Center

Lin Yuan-Chien
Director      Ext. 57041、34148

 Conducting general business of Alumni Service Center.

1.Luo Chi-ching
2.Liu Chih-Hsiu
Luo Chi-Ching
Administrative Assistant      Ext. 57042

1. Business of distinguished alumni election
2. Chief editor of NCU Alumni E-paper
3. NCU Worldwide Alumni Service Net website management


1.Liu Chih-Hsiu
2.Sun Chi-Jui
Liu Chih-Hsiu
Administrative Assistant      Ext. 57043

1. NCU alumni card service and contracts with partner shops

2. Alumni email application and review
3. Alumni information database maintenance
1.Luo Chi-ching
2.Sun Chi-Jui
Sun Chi-Jui
Administrative Assistant      Ext. 57046

1.Exhibitions of Museum of NCU History
2.Property management of Museum of NCU History
3.Reservation service of guided tour to Museum of NCU History
4.NCU fundraising


1.Lou Chi-ching
2.Liu Chih-Hsiu
SOP of Apply Alumni Card 
SOP of NCU Museum Management 
Attention of Apply Alumni Card  
SOP of Giving to NCU 
SOP of NCU Fundraising