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Alumni Service Center

Lin Yuan-Chien
Director     E-mail | Ext. 57041、34148

 Conducting general business of Alumni Service Center.

1.Luo Chi-ching
2.Liu Chih-Hsiu
Luo Chi-Ching
Administrative Assistant     E-mail |, Ext. 57042

1. Business of distinguished alumni election
2. Chief editor of NCU Alumni E-paper
3. NCU Worldwide Alumni Service Net website management


1.Liu Chih-Hsiu
2.Sun Chi-Jui
Liu Chih-Hsiu
Administrative Assistant     E-mail |, Ext. 57043

1. NCU alumni card service and contracts with partner shops

2. Alumni email application and review
3. Alumni information database maintenance
1.Luo Chi-ching
2.Sun Chi-Jui
Sun Chi-Jui
Administrative Assistant     E-mail | Ext. 57046

1.Exhibitions of Museum of NCU History
2.Property management of Museum of NCU History
3.Reservation service of guided tour to Museum of NCU History
4.NCU fundraising


1.Lou Chi-ching
2.Liu Chih-Hsiu
SOP of Apply Alumni Card 
SOP of NCU Museum Management 
Attention of Apply Alumni Card  
SOP of Giving to NCU 
SOP of NCU Fundraising