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The Office of Secretariat is a work team with enthusiasm. It is composed of one secretary-general, one senior secretary, one director, two section chiefs, two executive officers, several officers, administrative assistants, project assistants, and one messenger. The primary task of the Secretariat is to assist the president and vice presidents with administrative affairs and to help coordinate and communicate with various offices and departments.


Section I is in charge of media liaison, NCU homepage management, issuing NCU E-paper, NCU News, and NCU Newsletter, editing NCU pamphlets, making NCU souvenirs, and raising funds for NCU. Section I is also responsible for organizing ceremonies or events, such as anniversary ceremony and honorary doctorates award ceremony.


Section II takes care of Meetings of NCU Affairs, university-level administrative meetings, Faculty Plea and Arbitration Committees, Committees of Regulations and  Committees of Election of Meetings of NCU Affairs, Committees of the Election of NCU President and so on. It also administers review, approval, transfer and submission of official documents and the use of seal, and verification of vouchers, accounting notes and checks.

Alumni Service Center is responsible for alumni card and alumni email address application, election of distinguished alumni, managing websites of NCU Alumni Association and Museum of NCU History, issuing NCU Alumni E-paper, and organizing events for alumni such as New Year’s Greeting Party and Visiting Alma Mater. Alumni Service Center builds the bridge between the university and alumni.