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NCU Detail Chart of Delegation

To enhance the efficiency of processing administrative works and official documents, staff may refer to “Detail Chart of Delegation” when dealing with official business.
  List of Files
1 Notice for Detail Chart of Delegation 
2 Notice for the Use of the Seal 
3 Mutual Process for Official Documents 
4 Office of Academic Affairs  
5 Office of Student Affairs 
6 Office of General Administration 
7 Research and Development Office 
8 Office of Higher Education Sprout Project 
9 Office of International Affairs 
10 Library  
11 Computer Center 
12 Center of Environmental Protection and Safety 
13 Personnel Office 
14 Accounting Office 
15 Office of Secretariat  
16 Office of Institutional Research 
17 Internal Audit Office 
18 Office of University Social Responsibility 
19 Art Center 
20 Colleges 
21 Science Education Center 
22 Center for Teacher Education 
23 Office of Teaching Centers  
24 Center for General Education 
25 Language Center 
26 Office of Physical Education 
27 University-Level Research Centers  
28 Joint Research Center 
29 Joint Operative Research Center