National Central University
Admin. Announcement of the winning entries in the «2021 NCU Top 10 Sights Photography Contest» (/2021-11-05)
Admin. Announcement of NCU' s homepage maintenance (Secretariat/2021-08-24)
Admin. Regarding the endowment fund-raising of our school, the business changes since July, 1, 2021. (/2021-07-16)
Admin. Since February, 1, 2021 , our school has established a new donations channel which is called "Taiwan Pay" mobile payment. We are kindly requested all units to assist in the promotion and make more use of it (/2021-02-02)
Act. 2020 National Central University Athletic Games~Alumni are welcome to sign up for the games (Alumni Service Center/2020-10-05)
Conf. The 17th Distinguished Alumni of NCU in 2020 [Announcement of Selection] (Alumni Service Center/2020-04-17)
Admin. Due to the severe and infectious COVID-19 epidemic, please refer the instructions for the adjustment to the 105th anniversary celebration. (/2020-03-06)
Admin. Announcement for the maintenance of the school fundraising website (/2019-12-31)
Act. 102nd Anniversary Creative Picnic Contest (/2017-02-15)
Admin. NCU Website is now available for mobile devices. (/2016-12-01)
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