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Section II

Wu Chiou-pyng
Section Chief     E-mail | Ext. 57002

1. Conducting general business of Section II.

2. Annual plan for Section II.


Lei Mei-chiung
Lei Mei-chiung
Officer     E-mail | Ext. 57001

1. Dealing with online official documents.

2. Business of selection and election of NCU president.

3. Dealing with on-campus online documents to NCU president.

Chen Ming-tzu
Lin Ya-yun
Officer     E-mail | Ext. 57016

1. Business of NCU Affairs Meeting.

2. Business of NCU Affairs Meeting representatives election.

3. Helping with internal control business.

Chen Ming-tzu
Chen Min-tzu
Administrative Assistant     E-mail | Ext. 57003

1.Business of Administrative Meeting.

2.Follow-up of the decisions of Administrative Meeting.

3. Business of Faculty Plea and Arbitration Committee.


Lin Ya-yun
SOP of NCU President Election 
SOP of NCU Affairs Meeting 
SOP of Administrative Meeting 
SOP of Teacher Appeal