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Section I

Wu Pey-chyn
Section Chief     E-mail | Ext. 57011

1.Conducting general business of Section I

2.Liaison with Association of National Universities of Taiwan
3.Liaison with Legislative Yuan
Wu Chiou-pyng
Chen Ju-chih
Senior Specialist     E-mail |; Ext. 57012

1.Media correspondence
2.Organizing and helping with press conference
3.Chief editor of NCU E-paper

1.Chen Yi-an
2.Cheng Pi-hsien
Cheng Pi-hsien
Administrative Assistant     E-mail | , Ext. 57006

1.NCU fundraising

2.Self-evaluation of administrative units

3.Business of anniversary or celebrations 
1.Huang Yu-chun
2.Chen Yi-an
Chen Yi-an
Administrative Assistant     E-mail | Ext. 57013

1.Chief editor of NCU News
2.LED TV maintenance
3.Liaison with shooting crews

1.Chen Ju-chih
2.Huang Yu-chun
Huang, Yu-Chun
Administrative Assistant      E-mail | Ext. 57009

1.NCU homepage and office website management

2.NCU souvenir management

3.Chief editor of  NCU Newsletter
1.Cheng Pi-hsien
2.Chen Ju-chih
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