National Central University

Booking the Administrative Building’s conference room at 2F online will be in practice from February 1st 2016

1.Using time: Mon. to Fri. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2.The number of the seats: 16

3.Booking Procedures:
a.Please register the time slot, date, unit, name of the meeting or activity, contact person, extension contact on Secretariat homepage.
b.The registration is on a priority basis.

a.Please be careful when using the conference room’s equipment including the projection screen, the projector, the air-conditioner, and the fans.
b.Please bring your own water and notebooks for the meeting, return the remote controls of the projector, fans, and the chairs after using them, clean the whiteboard, and throw away the trash to keep the surroundings neat and in order.
c.When leaving, please turn off the air-conditioner and the lights, and close the door and the windows.

5.The applying unit is willing to comply with the regulations. He who breaks the regulations shall take on responsibility, and who causing damages shall undertake to compensate.

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