Announcement List中文版

■ Please select the categories which you want to publish:

Salutatory for distinguished guestBroadcasting for a short time in a day, or broadcasting in a particular time
Propaganda for the activities Broadcasting for a long period
Slogan promotion or congratulatory messageBroadcasting for a long period. No activity time and place


1. After submitting the relevant application information by the applicant. The staff from the Office of Secretariat will schedule the broadcast process according to the application date. The information promotion is limited in two weeks.
2. Considering the broadcast effect, a marquee information can only contain three lines of contents, and each line can only have 19 Chinese characters.
3. The server of this platform can’t accept special characters. If you need to use special characters, please send the application information directly to the contact person.
4. If the information is published on the weekend, please call us at work after the application.
5. If you have any question, please contact with Miss Chen from the Office of Secretariat.
   Extension number : 57013
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